Derek Dudley Match
19th November 2017
A great turnout for a great guy - Go the galleries (football) and the photos will be there
Aston Villa Stewards v Iron Maiden select 11
04th May 2017
Football Match photos are now on here - please add me on facebook - adrian john woolley and you can also view them there.

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Aston Villa Under 21's
22nd July 2016
The team and action photos are now on here under events. All of the photos are on my face book page - add me and get them for FREE - If you do want prints you can get them off here - my name on Face Book is Adrian John Woolley and I am pictured with Caprice.....ENJOY
Wolves Under 21's v Heather St Johns
13th July 2016
Wolves ran out winners but a real quality match

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Aston Villa Fans v Blues Fans
24th May 2016
All the pictures are now on the site
Harborne Harriers shoot now in the Gallery
23rd March 2015
A good shoot that went to, they run out 4-0 winners so it was even better

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More International pictures on here now
30th October 2014
I really enjoyed this trip away, photographing some great models at work
More from Malga now on here in the Gallery
11th October 2014
Great shooting in different countries tests me to the limit
Will Greenwood shoot now on the site in the events gallery
09th October 2014
Network Rail Will Greenwood Shoot
18th September 2014
After a very succesful trip working in Spain the photos will appear on my site in the next few days
Tess and Becky shoot now in the competitors gallery
07th August 2014
A great shoot in sunny Swansea

Lee Hendrie
21st June 2014
Lee Hendrie pictures are now on here
Tanya photographs now on here
28th January 2014
A great shoot at Ultimate Fitness

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West Midlands Body Building Championships
25th September 2013
The albums are now on this website - please feel free to browse
Strongman and Bodybuilding Events
23rd September 2013
Child Portraits
31st August 2013
New updated Website
30th August 2013
The website is refreshed with a different layout. The folders are now in the gallery section at the top of the page. Please feel free to browse.